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Maitri Yoga Therapy

Maitri is a Sanskrit word translated as "a feeling of friendship with all".

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Introduction to Pranayama

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An introductory 5 - session course on proper breathing suitable for beginners, as well as more seasoned practitioners. Sessions will cover: medicinal qualities of proper breath and breathing practice, individual breath evaluation, learning how to work with breath safely, asana and pranayama practice


1:30pm to 3pm

May 9th to June 6, 2024 - 5 SESSIONS

Yoga Therapy Toronto

692 Bloor St W (2nd fl)

Near Christie Station

Lead by: Elena Reshetnikova - Yoga Therapist & Psychotherapist.

$100 for 5 sessions or $25 / class.
Drop ins are welcome. Class will start once there are 5 enrolments.

To register, please contact:

Benefits of Breathing Consciously:

  • irregular heartbeat regulation
  • improved cardiovascular health in people with high blood pressure
  • reduced symptoms and improved lung function in people with bronchial asthma
  • improvements in body weight and reduced symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis
  • enhanced mood for people quitting cigarette smoking
  • reduced reaction time for children with intellectual disabilities
  • better management of stress and anxiety
  • reduced pain and improved quality of life for people with diabetes
  • reduced cancer-related symptoms and increased antioxidants in people receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments
  • help with insomnia and mood regulation, enhanced energy for fatigue

About Maitri Yoga Therapy

Maitri is a Sanskrit word translated as "a feeling of friendship with all".  This is what much of Yoga Therapy is about: a practice intended to be peaceful and friendly to oneself and others, a practice that can be relied on anytime and anywhere, a best friend.    

Elena is a founder of Maitri Yoga Therapy operating in Toronto and Midland, Canada. In addition to being a certified IAYT yoga therapist, Elena holds 4 professional degrees in the fields of law, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.  She trained in yoga therapy and yoga philosophy for over 15 years with the most respected teachers in Toronto (Yoga Therapy Toronto) and Chennai (Yoga Vaidya Śālā) practicing in the tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya.  Having worked most of her life in the busy corporate environment, Elena has successfully used yoga to reduce the harmful effects of stress and tension inherent in this environment.  She has also been a permanent student of medical science, namely human physiology and immunology, which allows her to firmly rely on the personally tested, evidence-based therapeutic techniques.  Her approach to therapy is loyal to the precepts of traditional yoga science: to improve the human physiology and function by balancing it naturally and simply, with keen attention given to individual needs and capacities.  

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What to expect

Yoga is a healing practice which can be successfully used to treat a great variety of medical conditions. It wonderfully complements most mainstream medical treatments, but focuses on the unique nature and presence of each patient, with gentleness and ease.

Yoga therapist helps the patient to address their physical and mental issues through understanding how their body works as a whole, working at their own pace.  In order to succeed, patients are only expected to be ready to find a few minutes a day for themselves: their body, their breath and their mind.    

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Location of Services

Elena sees patients in-person and on Zoom in Toronto and in Tiny Township, Ontario.  

See What Our Clients Say

"I was a nonbeliever. I had tried yoga twice before and did not like it. Elena's practice was tailored for my body. I am still doing classes with Elena almost 6 years later! Yoga greatly helps my new sport pickle ball."

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Mary Stevens

"Breath work is not work. Yoga came into my life during a period of personal turbulence which was further impacted by Covid. Elena’s yoga has been a godsend. The practice has significantly improved my health."

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Jo Stockwood