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Yoga therapy is a professionally guided practice intended to improve one's  health and wellbeing through the application of traditional yoga practices.  Yoga is an insight based on mindfulness. As the saying goes "It does not cost money to be mindful."  Most of us just need a little help getting there.

Some of Our Services

Yoga Therapy

4 consecutive weekly 1-hour yoga therapy sessions, plus an initial 75 minute assessment and consultation.

After the in-person health assessment, the student will receive an individual yoga asana and breathing practice to address specific health needs.  Commitment to practice daily is important.  The practice will be adjusted to follow the student's progress.  Upon the completion of the month of therapy, students are encouraged to continue with  group or individual yoga therapy as needed.  

Package Price is CAD$400, plus HST.

Subsequent 50 min individual sessions are CAD$50, plus HST.  

Please send us an email if you are interested.

Breath Training

Breath (pranayama) practice is included in the  first yoga therapy session and is determined based on the needs of each student.

Ability to breath properly is essential for general health, daily life, stress reduction, and allows for a most satisfying yoga asana practice.   

Initial 75 min Breath Consultation is CAD $100, plus HST. Subsequent 50 min individual sessions are CAD$50, plus HST

Packages are available upon request

Yoga Classes

Zoom Yoga classes for active seniors are offered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (holidays excepted)

Asana & Breath on Mondays and Wednesdays 10:15am - 11am ET

Yoga Nidra on Fridays at 3-3:45pm ET

Please contact us for the Zoom link.

Price per session is CAD$15, plus HST.

A monthly package of 12 sessions for CAD$120, plus HST.

See What Our Clients Say

"I was a nonbeliever. I had tried yoga twice before and did not like it. Elena's practice was tailored for my body. I am still doing classes with Elena almost 6 years later! Yoga greatly helps my new sport pickle ball."

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Mary Stevens

"Breath work is not work. Yoga came into my life during a period of personal turbulence which was further impacted by Covid. Elena’s yoga has been a godsend. The practice has significantly improved my health."

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Jo Stockwood